Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The Colorful Pahiyas Festival! Also known as Feast of San Isidro, Patron Saint of the Farmers! Its a way of thanks giving for the fruitful harvests!! 

Parini sa Lucban! Amazing streets filled with colors! 

#OOTD hippie style! 

Masaganang Ani! Salamat San Isidro! 

Since i travelled alone! Heres my beautiful shot bu a strangers! Wahahaha! 

Walang taong tamad sa Quezon! 
Agree? Showcasing the famous longanisang lucban and Pansit Habhab! 

Pansit Habhab! Yummy!
All you have to do is to make sip sip it! Dont use fork for this! Eat it while its hot! Mas madaming suka mas masarap! Yeah! 

Kiping! Its a leaf  shape made of rice paste! Added with sugar! :) 

Exploring the streets alone! Byaherang baklita! 

Kipings Overload! 

Man made decorations! 

Here's the Best House this year! Bongels!! 

My favorite place in Lucban! 
Chill Night! Awesome Food and liqours! 
(C) lynz 

Cheers! They serve vodca tonic too! Hahaha! Shocked! 

Ganda ko sa gabi! Alam mo yan! 

Night at Lucban! This lucbanin's know how to party! Yeah! EDM! 

Met this awesome guys in the street party! ✌️✌️ They thought im a celebrity  ahahahah! WTF! 

BTW! On my lola's hometown which is tayabas city! We also have "HAGISAN NG SUMAN" sumans are thrown along the street full of peeps! Its our way to give thanks to San Isidro! 

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