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Guimaras is an island located in western Visaya! Guimaras, formerly known as Himal-us, was a sub-province of Iloilo until it was made an independent province on May 22, 1992. Bongels ng Wikepedia! Push mo yan! 

You can visit guimaras during your Iloilo trip. Ferry boat lang tapos konting kembot then multicab going to your hotel! D masyadong nakakahaggard! 

Good Morning From Guimaras! 
At Raymen's Hotel. Getting ready for our morning iten. Island hop, water activities and cave tour! 


Boat Ride! 
Sexy on Board! :) 

Post ko daw to! 



SEAFDEC Marine Conservation! 

composed of four islets and clusters of floating fish cages interconnected by floating foot bridges. The station maintains hundreds of broodstock of various commercially important species that provide eggs for research and production runs. - See more at:

They offered Educational Tour for Free! Learning is FUN!! 

Me trying to focus on Fish Breeding! 

Fish Sedation! Then Mate! :)) 
Applicable ba to sa tao? 

Our Tour Guide! Well, Kuya is a bit Englishero huh! Clap clap! Showing us their fish cages! 

Theres a lot of various species in IMS! 
They have, snapper, seabass, lapu lapu etc. sobrang Dakila nila! Daks na Daks!! 

Diba Bongels!! KKLK! Big Big! 
Sarap lafangin! 

field trippin! Sya nyo? 

Aura na! #NYC 
More more aura! 

Maldives? Nah Its SEAFDEC! 
Beautiful Island! 

Kasing ganda nito! 

Itchilo pa! Wetsung! 

Wiz Bogelya! Si kuya ayaw paawat sa likod! Eksena! 

Ave Maria Islet! 

Gang Bang! Beating the Heat! 
Keri lang majitim basta summer! 

Love this shot! Checking out our photos! Photo adicts! 

Ganap ko na! Ano pa ba? 
Push pa! 

Sky Water Sand! #sws 

Beachin x Bitchin! 

Booty Tooch and Booty Work! 
Sanchi ang Afams? 

Threesome! Beach Buddies! 
How bout beach boddies? Well were killing it! Lol! 

Pawikan Island! 

Meet Pawi! :) 

Biggest pawikan ive ever seen! Lahat dakila pati b notches ditey daks? Jk! 

Everyday im snorkeling! 

Baras Cave! 

Inside Baras Cave! 

Bats Inside the cave! 

Killing the night! 
Nomo! Nomo! 

Bestfriends shot! Walwal Night! 
Guess whos nge nge! 

All about patterns! #ootd 

At Trapist Monastery! 

The Trappist Monastery grounds is a peaceful and sacred enclave in Guimaras run by monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. These monks follow the rule of St. Benedict! 

Inner Peace! 

The monks earn a living by selling souvenir items and processed foods such as jellies, jams, candies, piyaya and more, which are sold in a small shop within the monastery grounds.  
Guimaras's special Mangos!! 

Sobrang Sarap! Sobrang Tamis! 
Best Mango in the Philips! 

Will definitely go back here! I LOVE GUIMARAS! 

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