Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Laboracay 2014!

Tis the yearly summer party in Boracay! Laborday for the Party Creeps! Party whole day! Taste of Ibiza! And its my Bday Month too!

After we arrived in Bora, we throw our bags in our hotel then Hit the bars! 

Shutay tomi sa alak! 

First Night was in Summer Mayhem! 

Party, Music, Rave, Drugs! All in! 


Friends that Rave together Stays Together! gang bang! Alam na! 
Hanap na ng afams!  

Party till Morning!  

With Dj Julian! Awesome mixes! #PLUR 

Beating The Heat! 
I know! Ang hot ko! Hahah! 

Keme keme! 

Beach + bitches! 

At last! Banana Mango with rhum! 
Bongels ang Pila! Blockbuster! 

Luch at Obama Grill! New Resto in bora! The best ang sizzling kemes and seafoods! 

Sorry Abs! My Bad! 
All we did was beer, party and beach bumming! Though we tried all the activities in bora. 

2nd night! 

Open party at the White House! This was the best party so far! 
Oh god! Liqours everywhere! Liqours were throwing anywhere, raving to the highest form! I love the crowd! The party and yhe boys! Hahah! 

Fresh fresh pa! 

#PARTYHARD Pursuit of Happiness!! 

After the white house party we run to see.. 

Thank you Miss Kelly and Neste for this! 

STEVE AOKI! Fucking Awesome!! 

Party till we drop!! 

Cake Me!!!! Stevey!!!! 

Good Morning Boracay! 
Wasted from last night's! 

Craaazzzeeeee peeeepsss!! 

Fun fun Fun under the Sun! 

Island Girl! 
Knitted top! High waist shorts! 

At i love BBQ! My fave place in Bora! 
Walang bulalo Steak! Pota lang! Huhuhu! 

New Buddy! Love this toy! 

YOLO! Friends for keeps! 

Hello There! 

Boracay Sunset!! Always amazing!  

So we did ate all of this! Hahah! 
Crabs evrywhere! 420 for crab all you can! Kami pa ba?!! Hahah! Papatalo?! Lol! 

Goofing around with this copy cat! One of my reader! Hahah! 

Enjoying our last night at EPIC! Yeah! 

Goodbye Bora! 

With vincey! 

Oh wait! Here are the nominees for the Best in Narra Award! 

And the winner is! 

WTF!! No Filter! Lol! 

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