Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hong Kong #OOTD

Hong Kong has always had style. One thing you can observe in  HK is that everybody has their own unique style. It has been the Fashion District of Asia! From the streets of HK you'll appreciate what's fashion is, even when you ride the train you'll be able to see the latest trends in Fashion, hair style and makeup trends! If you're a great fan of Fashion you'll love HK! Shopping stores are to die for from the malls even on the street market. You should check out their night market too which you can buy a cheaper but very fashionable clothes! So here i am sharing you my outfits during my HK trip!

Touchdown HK! 
Tryin to look decent for the Immigration! 

Day 1 #OOTD 

Cap - Terranova 
Shirt - Terranova
Long Sleeve - Terranova 
Pants - Human 
Shoes - Nike 

Swagger Jagger! 


Ocean Park Adventure! 

Top - HM
Pants - HM 
Boots - Forever 21 
Bag - LongChamp
Scarf - Cotton On
Cap - Haters 

Bought this cap on the Ladies Night Market! 

My forever favorite scarf from Cotton On! 

Tiis Ganda pose, actually im so wet and drenched from the Raging Water Ride! Just pretend nothing hapened! Shoot pa rin! 

Fave pair of boots from Forever 21!! 

Less Effort More Style! 

Cap - Terranova 
Shirt - Terranove 
Jeans - Von Dutch
Shoes - Nike 

Temple Visit! 

Terranova Style! 

The love wins Bracelet! ❤️ 

Tomboy Outfit! 

Flying Back to Manila! 

Cardigan - HM 
Sando - Forever 21
Pants - Bershka
Shoes - Forever 21 


Lovin my new shoes from IT! 

There you go my 4 Days Outfit! Ill be blogging my Hong Kong Tour soon! You Gotta Love Hong Kong! Ill be coming back for my third time here! ❤️ 

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