Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pahiyas 2015


Quezon Province celebrates the Feast of San Isidro Labrador every May 15 with colorful Festivals. It is a celebration of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest in honor for the Patron Saint Labrador, " The Patron saint of Farmers". The pahiyas Festival in lucban is the most popular and no doubt, the most colorful and lively of the festivals. Not a first time for me since my Grandma's place is in Tayabas, Quezon which Hagisan ng suman is celebrated. 

Its the most colorful and busiest street on earth. Decorations called 'Kiping", the leaf shape and multi colored rice paste wafers are used to decorate the facades of homes with fruits and flowers from a good harvest.  Handicrafts and farm products were used to decorate the houses. 

Here comes the Gay Kid!

Forever 21 girl! 

The Coachella Vibe! Top(Forever21) Shorts(Forever21) Boots(Forever21) Bag(LongChamp)

Pahiyas Crew! So much love for this crew! Hello KiliKili! 

The famous Mr. Carabao. 

Lucban Street.

Yes! You can visit every house and take a picture, Lucbanins are very hospitable and they will accommodate each visitors. 

Truly, Pahiyas festival is a must-see celebration of colors that you shouldnt miss. Its really more fun in the Philippines! Upon Visiting Lucban, Quezon side-trips may include Cagbalete-Mauban, borawan-Pagbilao and Kamay ni Hesus. CTO since we arrived late at lucban. XOXO! 

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