Friday, April 10, 2015

A Secret Paradise: Kwebang Lampas

Can I say, Kwebang Lampas is sweeter on the Third time around.

 This paradise is a must visit every Summer. A lovely Island located at Pagbilao, Quezon. Approximately four - five hour drive from manila.

Soak yourself in this crystal clear water, lie down on this fine white sand, witness the sunrise and the beautiful sunset. Camp out with your friends and do caving. 

The cave is pretty small and short. A few meters and you are on the end where you can exit. 

Kwebang Lampas Powerplant. 

The Gay Kid Inside X Stylestunner Manila 

All White #OOTD 

Birks inspired from #StyleStunnerManila 

Bring your own tent and stay overnight under the moon and beautiful stars. Cottages is a lil bit pricey, so i recommend bring your tents with you. 

Its Fine white sand and Crystal clear Emerald water makes me more in love with this Paradise. 

Inside the Cave. 


This is place is perfect for Beach bummers and perfect for the Nature lover. You can do a lot of activities in this paradise like Snorkeling, Island Hop, Swimming, Caving and Stargazing. Plus this place has good Internet Signal.

Instagrammable Moments!

I will never get tired of coming back to this Amazing Paradise. If you are looking for a not crowded and overrated beach, well this is the Perfect place for you. 

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