Sunday, June 21, 2015

La Union

Experience the Pleasure at the Paradise of the North! This Blog is all about our trip to Northern part of the Philippines, The surfing capital of the Northern Luzon, La Union, Pangasinan. Well our main reason to visit this place is to ride the waves and of course to see beautiful places of LU. La Union has a lot to offer, too sad we only have 3 days and didn't have the time to visit all the tourist spot. Surf, Eat and Get Drunk! Tara!

La Union Squad! Nestle, Rica and Jamie. 

First Day Outfit of the Day! StyleStunnerMania Girl. 
Cap - Terranova 
Top - StyleStunnerManila
Shorts- Mossimo 
Slippers- StyleStunnerManila 

Loving the colorful streets of the North! Perfect Background for OOTD!


Before we head to San Juan La Union, we visited the Shrine of our Lady of the rosary of Manaog. A Filipino Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated in Manaoag, Pangasinan. Giving thanks to the Lord God for all the blessings. 

Then we went to Thunderbird Resort. Mediterranean-Inspired Luxury resort that overlooks the West Philippine Sea. With the architectural themes influenced by the santorini Islands of Greece, the resort is composed of a world-class hotel with dining, entertainment and gaming facilities that would surely live up your dream destination. 


Easy Breezy Beautiful!

World Class Hotel!

White and Blue Mykonos!


The Pangako sa'yo Peg! 

Nature Hue!
White X Brown #WoodColors 

Manang Outfit Peg! Thanks to my Lola's Closet! lol!

BTS! #TheGayKidInside By the way all of my photos are taken from Iphone and Gopro only. I dont bring SLR with me anymore. I recommend Apple compare to samsung, it has better resolution and friendly user. 

Manang Outfit #OOTD 
Hat - DV
Top - White Lace top from Nestle
Shorty Skirt - Hongky
Sandals - Cotton On 

Sangria Night with Loves!

Beautiful Sophisticated Interior Designs. 

Beautiful Sunset at Thunder Bird!

San Juan La Union! 

San Juan Surf School 

It's a Great day to learn Surfing today! The calm waves of San Juan is just perfect for all level of Surfers. 


We Stayed at San Juan Surf Resort. They have the best Facilities and most accommodating crew in San Juan. They offer tutorials too for surfers wannabe! Too Sad Luke Landrigan is not around to help me out. 

Beautiful Day to go Surfing! Leggo!

Cute top from StyleStunnerManila. Girls be like, Dont Mock on me! 

Getting Ready for the waves but first Instapics before getting wet!

Loving this View! 

Rock Formations!

and then the Abs Formation! 

Angles! Iarte mo pa. 

Go Pro Wars!

Time to get Soak!

Pick your own Surf Board!

RipCurl Gurl!


My god! This is too heavy plus the wind banging my back! 

Riding the calm waves of San Juan La Union! Sorry for the Resolution, sun block blocking my lens. 

La Union Love! 

Tangadan Falls

After Surfing the whole morning, We trekked about an hour and 30 minutes just to see the Hidden Tangadan Falls located at San Gabriel, La Union!


After 20 mins! Pagoda na!

Yoga Pose!

Finally Tangadan Falls!

Fresh Water! After Trekking, we head back to our hotel and check out to visit Flotsam jetsam but sadly they are close every Tuesday. I really wanna see Flotsam too bad for me! so we decided to have our last dinner at Kahuna Beach Resort!

No training needed, just a Bottle of Alcohol and Couple of Best Friend!
I'll surely go no go back to La Union to see more and of course for Flotsam Jetsam! 

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