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The town of Oslob, south-east of Cebu City, is known for whale sharks that visit the area daily. Oslob town is approximately three (3) hours drive from Cebu City proper. Oslob town is also the jump off point to Sumilon Island. Whale sharks can be seen in small Barangay Tan-Awan. 

The thought of going to see a whale shark in person is very much exciting. And seeing the whale sharke few feet away is just beyond words. The whale sharks were huge but they are harmless as long as you follow the guidelines. 


Before you head to the whale shark watching. you'll pass by the small town BOLJOON. 

Nuestra Senora de Patronicio Parish Church of Boljoon shows old and incricate carvings and bas-reliefs. 

Boljoon is the Oldest City in the Southern Cebu. 

It has been declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. 

Old house in Boljoon, Cebu where archeologist discovered 28 Human remains. Scary Fact!

Whale Shark Watching 

And they are really HUGE. No worries they will not eat you - they dont eat People. 

Upon Arriving at the area, they will give you a brief lecture about the whale sharks. They will tell you the DO's and DONT's while swimming with this friendly Creatures. 
Remember not to put Sun Block cause it can harm the Whale Sharks. 

Gentle Giants are Awesome. This Animals are Friendly and Harmless. They will swim beside you and play with you. At first i was really scared everytime they will come near me, but i overcome that fear immediately. You will really Freak out at First. DO NOT PANIC, cause this animals wont eat Humans. 

Re: You should keep at least 4m distance from the whale sharks and especially from the tails.

I recommend you bring your underwater camera's with you and your own snorkeling gear for Hygienic purposes. No Flash photography. Don't Touch them. Don't Feed them.  

The Struggle! 

Swimming with these Whale Sharks is one of the Best Experience in my Life. now i can scratch this on my Bucket List. I recommend this to Everyone. You should try it and overcome your Fear. 


Sumilon Island is a small Island in the southern Cebu. All you gotta do is take a 30 minute boat ride from the whale shark area. 

Beach Life! 


 Best way to end up your Day. Chill on the Beach with  Good Music, Awesome Friends and Cold Beer! 

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