Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Live to Feel

Live to Feel, is a huge campaign wherein People can express their Feelings. Its hoe you take in the Feelings that come with each experience and Manifest them in your actions that Defines you. 

I Live To Inspire! 

I am a Nurse today because of the Wonderful people that i get to work with and the wide variety of Patients that i get to care for. I get so much satisfaction from being able to make a positive impact on someone's life for even a short period of time. I feel like i can make a Difference in a person's life at the time when they feel helpless. I can say I Truly Care, whether it is the big and small daily happenings that make nursing such a rewarding Profession. My job is challenging and rewarding in more ways than one, I can't imagine myself in any other line of work. I love what i do and I know in my Heart that i make a Difference in People's lives. I thank God for continued strenght and Guidance. NOTHING BEATS PUTTING A SMILES ON OUR PATIENT's FACES. 

Live to feel Generation Celebration was held Eastwood City Mall last February 21, 2015. Its so much fun mingling with other Influencers and being part of the Activities. 

I was lucky to be picked personally by Laureen Uy as one of the 20 most Creative Photos. Pictures were hang up on Eastwood from all the people who shared their feelings and Inspirations as well. 

Live to Feel Colab! 

Having Fun at the event! 

With Pau, one of Laureen's winner. 

Create your own Doodle! 

With Love! Laureen Uy! 

One of the Influencer Miss Martine Cajucom. Gorgeous as always.

So happy to see my Portrait at the Live to Feel Gallery! 

Filled with live to feel portraits. 

Music by DJ Katsy Lee and Mars Miranda. 

Every single one of us has a story to tell. We all have stories worth sharing. Thank you Live to Feel! I feel like an Instant Celebrity. 

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