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Ilocos Norte (Ilokano: Amianan nga Ilocos; Tagalog: Hilagang Ilokos) is a province of the philippibes located in the Ilocos Region. Its capital is Laoag city and is located at the northwest corner of luzon, bordering Cagayan and Apayao to the east, and abra and Ilocos Sur to the south. Ilocos Norte faces the south china seato the west and the Luzon strait to the north. Keri ni wikepedia! 

The province offers a number of popular destinations for tourist. Because of its proximity to the South China Sea, tourist arrivals peak during the summer seasons, the beach resorts topping the most visited list.

When you start your Norte Trip, you are most likely to start at the capital city of ilocos which is Laoag City! 

Keribam! Gorabels! After 12 hours travel! Super anek ang wetsung ko! Walkathon na to! 

Jumpisa na! Always find time to see Him! Amen! 

Paoay Church! 

The Church of Saint Agustine  commonly known as the Paoay Church, is the Roma Catholic church of the municipality of ilocos Norte. Completed in 1710, the church is famous for its distinct architecture highlighted by the enormous buttresses on the sides and back of the building. In 1993, the church was designated as aUNESCO world Heritage site as one best examples of the Baroque Churches! 

Beautiful Stuctures! 

Rome? Nope its Paoay! 

Baroque Style! 

Inside the Church! Vintage! 

Say a lil pray! Amen! 

Tiss Ganda! Keribam! 
Bricks! Bricks! 

Adventure continues! 
Dubai? No its Sand Dunes! 
Get ready! Extreme adventure! 


Keep Calm and Put your Sunblocks on! 

Roller Coaster ride! 

Manong Bilisan mo pa!! I like it FASTER! 

Arte lang! Ride with me! Or Ride me! 

Anjan na ang mga Hapon! Shogobey na! 

Last Na! Coz i love our mala vigilante ride! Keri sa ootd ko! 

Yes! Time for Sand Boarding! Fave thing! 

Excited! Maning ito ba ang tamang ganap? Bakla pose! 

First Try! Sit sit muna! Kaborkot! 

Keribels naman! 

Keri! Shoyu naman! Standing position! Keri ko to! 

Sorry! Kineri ng ganda ko! Alam na! Best in Sand Boarding! 

Eto lang ang nakaka haggard! D b?  

Ilang ulet to? D b bongels! 

Top of the World ang Ganap! 
Waing Afams! 

After Haggardan! Laps! Best empanada! Laps lang ng Laps! Best ing Bagnet din! Bagnetsilog!! 

fly na sa Cape Bojeador Lighthouse! 
Ganda din ng Eksena ditey! 

Ayan! Gandara! Wit akes pajowat! Keri ko na to! 

Kaching! I love Paders! Like Daddy Daddy! Choz! 

Window Ganap! Itchi pa! 

Waiting for someone to come! Like ive been waiting this for a long time! Emo! 

K andito na pala sya! Lol! 

You know where it is! Peter Panlandia! Choz! Its the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation! 

Always been chasing the sun! 


purity! Miley cyrus peg! 

You Only Live Once! 

Young wild and free! Keri pa? 

Yoga Pose! Inner Peace! 

Bestie Shot! 

The Famous Asahi Fan! 
Choz! Banguo Wind Mill! 


Blow me one last Kiss! Kung mahangin ako ng bonga! 

Sunset! Thank You Lord! 

Loving every side of Ilocos! 
History is everywhere! 

Trekking going to Kabigan Falls! 

Trekking with the Gang! 
So happy to be with them always! 

Oh Fvck! Im lost! 

Kabigan Falls! Cold water indeed! 

Dont Breath! Okay? 

Breathtaking beauty! Choz! 

Yoga Pose! Blending with nature! 

Sorry cant go down. Masisira hair and make up ko! Lol! 

At Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud. Daming afams! At last!! 

Awesome Hotel! 

Yaman yamanan! With Janeth! Lol! 

Relaxing but ang wind effect di ko kinikeri! 

Surfing Camp! 
Kapulan Surfing! 

Best Instructor in town! 

I told you! Nasa likod ko ba ang bangui?? 

Flight 909! 

Sorry ha! Mejo ang jubis ko ditey! 

Nakakahiya naman! 

Baliw baliwan na! 

Yeah!! :) put yo fvcking hands up! 

Pagudpud Sunset! 

Pagudpud Gayset! 


At Marcos Museum! 
Educational Tour! 

Welcome to our Humble Home! Our Family House! 

For Every Tear! Episioraphy na yan! 

I invoke my right against self incrimination! 

Otcho Otcho! 
Marcos Fave number! 

Back to this Place! My second time here in Calle Crisologo! 

Gandang Ganda si Bakla! 

Itchi pa! 

Trio Frio! 

Pagoda ka na ateng? 

Oo te! Ngarag na! 

O sya Laps na!! Okoy and Empanada! 

Borlogs na after this! 
Thank you Northern Philips! 

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