Sunday, May 25, 2014

Paraiso De Calaguas!

Sa Kaibuturan ng Bicol Region! Matatagpuan ang Calaguas! Alam na! Perfect place for beach Bumming! 

Ahhh! Bright Sky! Sunny Weather! fine White Sand! And awesome Kada! 

Travel kong Travel ang peg! After 10 hours of land travel and 2 hours of boat ride! Nakakaloka mejo malakas ang Alon! Bokotchina! Kalerqui! 

Anditey na ang eksena! Ayan na sya! 
Bongels! Super Nice! O di ba? 

Itchi Pa! 

Walang balur sa calaguas and waley din Signal ditey! NKKLK. Wala pang aura! :( 

Tent Tent ang Ganap! Camping Camping! 
Pero you can Rent cottages on the beach! :) 

O d b? Bonga! Primitive style! :) nomadic peeps! Boodle fight! 

They have comfort rooms pala! But you'll need to pay 10php every 1 balde! Haggard ang pag banlaw! 

Eksena ko na!  

Best Beach ive ever seen! Such a lovely place! 

Blogger Pose! Ipush mo yan! 


There are Lots of things to do in Calaguas! Like! 

Skim Boarding! 

Beach Volleyball! 

Puso Lang! 

Panegra mode! Swim swim!

Calaguas Next Top model! 

Calaguas also Offers island tours! 

Here's One small Island Facing the Pacific Ocean! 

Sound of Music lang ang Peg ko! Maria! :) 

Its a 500 meters trekking going at the top of the island. Be careful mga ateng! Mejo matarik sya! 

Calaguas Sunset! 

No internet, no signal perfect for Bonding! They dont allow bon fire in the area. So make sure to bring your flash light! Source of electricity is very limited so bring your powerbanks with you! Ubusan ng Baterya!! 

Kabogera ng Taon! 

I love every corner of this island! Alot of things to explore! Ahhhh!  

Sun Kissed! 

This island is way beyond perfection! Will surely go back here! I promise! calaguas with LOVE! 

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