Monday, April 14, 2014

Forever Summer!

Rave Night! 
Thanks to Close Up for Bringing Alesso, Helena and Denis Koyu! 

Alam na! Aura to the Max! 

Indie Indiehan ang peg plus Country style! Wiz pakabog! 

O push na to! At Circuit Manila! Bongels ang traffic! Haggard ng very slight! 

Keri Bam! With my CloseUp blog winner! Lol! Resty Anibigno! 
Hanap na ng utaw at Nomo! :) 

Infairlu, mura na ang nomo! Johny walker! 200 per 3 cups! Alam na! Tunga mga kafatids! :) 

With my Co-Bloggers! Pak! 
Nicole Anderson, Laureen Uy, Kriz Uy and Cammile Co! 

Kafes ko daw si ateng? 
Push mo yan! 😍😍 
Indie vs Hipster! 

Party Starts!
Love the crowd! Super! 
Tweentees! More more afams! 
Perks of VIP! 😍😍


Eat Sleep Rave Repeat! 

Oh Yes! Friendly ang lola mey! 
Party Animals! 

Marla the Dancer! 

O sya! Tuloy ang dance dance! 
Bungo Titelya Gang! Gora! 

Main stage! 
Sorry cant upload Vids Here! :( 

Rave Rave Rave!! 

City of dreams! 

Lose my Mind! Tan tan tan tan!! 

Best Summer Party!! 
Thank you Close Up Ph! 
Cant wait for the summer party next tear! 

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