Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, The worlds most dynamic city! This jam- packed city with an enigmatic skyscrapers, big finance and wild night outs is one of the most on-the-go cities in the world. No need to get a Visa, just book a flight and viola! Experience Hong Kong! It's ancient traditions, fashion  and heavenly cuisine keep me continuously coming back! Visit the Temples, Experience their Noodle house and Visit their amusement park! Dont Visit HK, Experience Hong Kong!

They say that travelling with your family is a good experience. Aside from taking a break from your daily routine, you got time to connect with each other and create new experiences. You discover new places, persons and things. When you take a vacation, you become a team, you're all part of a one big adventure. It's my second time here in HK and now im sharing my travel experience and a bit tips when in HK. 

Boarding! Thank you Cebu Pacific!

Touchdown Heng Keng! Its nice to be back!


Sisters from another Mother!

Cap - Terranova 
Long Sleeve - Teranova
Shirt - Terranova
Pants - Human
Shoes - Nike

Family that travels together stays together!

Checking how to go in our hotel. Transportation is very easy in HK. We took the bus rather than riding the MTR. Its more cheaper and you get to see the beautiful sceneries! 

Experience the double deck bus!

High Rise Condo Units. 

Familiarized yourself in the busy streets of Hong Kong! Its so small but this place is too crowded. 

Good thing about this progressive country is that maps are free everywhere. you can ask it anywhere!

We stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui. One of the busiest  place in HK. 


Most convenient place to have lunch! Tho its kinda pricey at least youre familiar on what youll gonna eat. 


Strolling around Hong Kong!

I cant Understand! hahahah!

Capturing some photos for Instagram!

Chinese Chinesan!

Cotton Camdy Maker!


Flavored Milk Tea! always hydrate yourself coz its gonna be a long walk! I mean Very looong!!

Me and Lyz trying to get our OOTD's! Matchy Matchy. 


Transportation is very Easy! Get your own Octopus card and reload it when its empty. You can use it anywhere, MTR, Bus or paying in grocery stores. 


Shopping District of HK. Its like Divisoria of the Philippines. You can get amazing things and clothes in a cheaper price! I love this part of HK specially the Sneakers area!

Night Market!

Hongky at night!

Ladies Night Market! Buy your souvenirs here, they sell it in a cheaper price. and take note they know the word TAWAD and MAHAL. 

Tried some restaurant in Mongkok, Sadly they dont speak English. Its really hard to communicate yet the food was great!

Peking Ducks!

When in Hong Kong dont forget to try their amazing street foods!! so yummy!!

This concludes our Day 1! Temple Visits and Ocean Park on the next blog! 

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