Tuesday, February 16, 2016



Revisiting Anawangin Cove! Its my second time in this place and yes I never get tired of coming back here. Anawangin is an Island located in Zambales, Philippines. Its a four hour drive from ManilaThis place is perfect for camping and beach bumming. Campers, Nature lovers and Weekend warriors will surely love this place!  


Nature at its best!

Riverbed of Anawangin

After 45 minutes boat ride. Finally back on this spot!

Built our own tent! You can place your tents anywhere you like. 
Sleep under the sky / under the stars! 

 Anawangin Campers

Imagine yourself in this forest, No Wifi and Electricity. Perfect for group bonding. Just you and your friends 

Ready for tonight's show!

Beach Essentials

Grillers! well basically there is no Resto here so you gotta to make your own food. 

Grilled food for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast!  Lol!

Bestfriends on the Go!!

Discovering Anawangin!

Calm waves and Fine Weather

Breathtaking View!

Swimmies from H&M

Trio in Anawangin!

Batch Love!

Gays and Boy! 


Forever Tan

 Wearing H&M swimmies

Itodo mo na!!

Short Trekking 

Such a Beauty!!


Bestie Goals

Back at the Camp! Loving this Colorful swimmies!!

Sunset in Anawangin


Sunset Chaser

Social Night! Main Event! Drinks while sitting around the bonfire.


Swimmies - H&M

Pink X Black

Leave no Footprints

Visiting Anawangin is always a Delight!


Island tour Include capones Island, sadly the wasve are too strong we didnt have the chance to Visit the Capones lighthouse. This white sand Island is Amazing!

Its always a good time spending with them! Thank you Anawangin! Defiantly will remember this place

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