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SInulog is an annual Cultural and religious festival held on third sunday of January in Cebu City, and is the center of the Santo Nino Celebration in The Philippines. There are dance parades and Processions around the streets of Metro Cebu. Apparently this is the Wildest party in the Philippines. 

If its your first time attending the Sinulog Celebration, I have some tips for you!

The Colorful Parade in the Streets. One of the main attractions of Sinulog is the Sinulog Grand Parade. You wouldn't want to miss this! The Amazing Choreography,Colorful props and dazzling costumes. The parade starts at 9am but were late so we didnt have the good spot though. 

So here's my Outfit for the Sinulog Event. I recommend white and light outfits that you can move freely. Dress Comfortably but Awesome. Do not wear High-Heeled shoes, wear flats or snickers instead. Wear something Colorful and Festive, Para Eksena and Agaw Attention. Also Go for a Dry-Fit clothes or clothes that you can dispose after the event that you wouldnt mind getting dirt, paint water or alcohol. take note of my Pre-Party look!

Bring only what you need, Leave your valuables at the hotel. You can Buy a water proof bag to secure your phones. REMEMBER to buy your Head dress and Whistle and Water Gun! PRIIITIIIIITIIIIITTT!! 

At the Parade with the Gang. Expect the streets to be crowded so be sure keep safe and pickpockets are roaming around too. Familiarize yourself with the Sinulog Grand Parade route and find a spot early. 

Blending in with the Festive Spirit. 

Our Favorite Dancer. Si Neneng Nga Nga!

Beautiful Ladies!

Roaming around the Streets.

I told you! Its the most crowded street, like we stayed in this spot for 30 mins just to pass a block away. Like i can Differentiate all the kinds of smell and my skin is full of Libag of different People.It was very tiring but seeing the Beautiful and colorful parade makes me wanna see more of it. 

Be sure to check out yourself every now and then. Refill your Sun Block and Drink Water to Hydrate your Thirst.

If youre Looking for the best Street Party in town. you gotta check the MANGO DRIVE!! The whole street is partying and raving. Mango Drive is known for lined up clubs for hang-outs and Bars.

This is how it looks like.

People will Kiss you, Hug you and shake your Hand Saying "PIT SENYOR". What I love the most is that Cute Guys would hug me Give me a drink or Ill kiss the guys I like! haha! Drinks in the street are overflowing, make sure to eat as well. Just be careful on the drunk ones. 

Meeting new Friends. XX

Our Post Party Picture!

This is more Milder than the others. Haha. XX

Thank you Cebu for the Wonderful Experience! Will Definitely Go back Next Year! See you on SINULOG 2016! PIT SENYOR!! PIT SENYOR!!

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