Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vigan City!

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur hailed as one of the new 7 wonder Cities of the World!

Vigan is one of Philippines' most beautiful cities, as it showcases the Spanish heritage of the country. 
Vigan city is located in the northern part of the Philippines and it's historical center, which is called the heritage village, is listed on the UNESCO world heritage for it's unique spanish colonial history in Asia and the very well preserved spanish monumental buildings which where build in the 18th century.

Time Machine! Spanish Colonial! 

Day Tour in the Coolest City in the Country!

Kalesa, a horse drawn calash used in the philipppines! It was one mode of transportation before. 

Details. Spanish Era! 

Calle Crisologo, Though a trip to Calle Crisologo is enjoyable during the day especially because of the opportunity to shop for Vigan’s best products (antiques, abel woven products, bags, basi wine, burnay and dimili products, chicharon, jewelry, sweets, Vigan vinegar and woodcrafts) in the inobtrusive shops located in the ground floor of some of the grand houses, a walk through it is magical at night.

The houses are simple but lovely subjects ready for picture-perfect shots with their roofs of red tiles, thick walls, huge doors and stair cases leading to rooms of high ceilings and sliding capiz shell windows. Having survived the many natural and man-made calamities throughout the centuries. 

Some of Vigan's Finest! 

Vigan Longanisa! 

Okoy and Empanada de Vigan! 

Souvenir Shirts! 

Cute Keychains! Ooooppppsss! 

Famous Avocado Ice Cream! 

Everywhere is perfect spot for Picture Picture! This is my Favorite spotin Vigan! 

Baluarte, is a private mini zoo owned by Governor Chavit Singson. Its open to the public and theres no entrance fee needed. You will see animals roaming freely around the zoo. 

The Philippines is a truly beautiful country and the world should see it! Truly Its more fun in the Philippines! 

Other cities included in the list are Beirut in Lebanon, Doha in Qatar, Durban in South Africa, Havana in Cuba, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and La Paz in Bolivia.

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