Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7107 MNL PH

7107 IMF! 

Its the biggest international music festival in the philippines featuring kaskade, the Natives, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Red  Jumpsuit Apparatus, Kendrick Lamar and Empire of the Sun! 

Its a two day non stop party and music! Everyone was pumped up during the show, For me it was the best of my life! 

Beer, Music, Boys and Party! 

All cropped from Head to Toe! :) #ootd 

The crowd went wild when empire of the sun performed! Literally Aalive!! Everyone was dancing and singing with their Feet! 

Not to mention! kendrick Lamar was fucking awesome! It brings out the hiphop in me! Pussy and Patron make me feel alright!  

Red Hot Chili Pepper sets fest on fire? I never get tired of listening to their songs! They were amazing from the start to the end! I could proudly say that imma 90's bitch! 

BANG! Californication!! 

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